The Public Association SMART GRIDS OF UKRAINE (SGU)

is newly incorporated NGO, founded March 2020. Now it unites 14 distribution system operators (DSOs) in Ukraine. The main goal of SGU is to unite positions of DSO’s in various regulatory matters.We collect and consolidate DSO’s positions, create legislation (regulatory) changes and then pushing them forward in regulatory bodies in question.


Ivan Gelukh

Mr Gelyukh graduated from Donetsk National University with a Master’s degree in Finance. He received education at DTEK Academy where he completed the Energy of Knowledge program (a module MBA program run jointly with Kyiv-Mohyla Business School) and the Energy of Leader (an INSEAD program). Mr Gelyukh started his career in 2001 when he joined the Intron company as an economics analyst, and was subsequently promoted to a lead economics specialist.

He joined DTEK team in 2005 as the Director of the Investment Department of Skhidenergo LLC and held this position until 2008. In 2008, Mr Gelyukh was transferred to Kyivenergo where he was appointed to the position of the Director of the Investment Department; in 2011, he was appointed the Director for Regulatory Policy and Investments. In 2012, he was appointed the Strategy Director of Kyivenergo.

Ivan held a position of Deputy Commercial Director of DTEK Energy since September 2013, and was appointed acting Electricity Distribution and Sales Director of DTEK Energy on 29 March 2017.

Mr Gelyukh was appointed CEO of DTEK Grids LLC in 2018.

On 6 June 2018, Ivan Gelyukh was elected a co-chairperson of ECDSO-E of the Energy Community during the 23rd Energy Community Electricity Forum held in Athens.

“We are convinced that modern and reliable power grids based on automation and digital solutions are the basis for the development of the country’s economy. As part of the Public Union of Smart Electric Networks of Ukraine, distribution system operators that are part of DTEK Networks’ operational holding are aimed at developing the electricity network infrastructure and establishing a constructive dialogue between distribution system operators and government officials”.

Oleg Kozachuk

He graduated from Vinnytsia National Technical University with a degree in Electrical Systems and Networks, later received a master’s degree in public administration and administration from the Leonid Yuzkov Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law and an MBA in business administration from Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University.

For almost 20 years he has been working in the power industry, taking care of energy saving, implementation of SMART GRID, optimization of management and production processes at the enterprises of the branch.

He held senior positions in leading Kyiv energy companies, in JSC “Khmelnitskoblenergo” passed the entire staff from the inspector of the district electric networks (2002) to Acting General Director of the Company (since 2016). It was under his leadership that the Society achieved the best results during its existence.

Oleg Kozachuk headed the Public Council at the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, and is currently the current vice president of the Association for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving.

“If we think about the development of the electricity sector in Ukraine, the introduction of RAB regulation and privatization processes are inevitable and extremely important for the industry and the country as a whole. Ukraine has great potential for development, including thanks to progressive highly qualified specialists, ready for today’s challenges and the implementation of new projects.”

Andriy Grabchuk

A native of Ivano-Frankivsk, he graduated with a degree in Power Supply and Power Saving.

He later continued his studies in management at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas and later at MIM-Kyiv.

He went from an electrician to the director of the strategic planning and audit department of Prykarpattiaoblenerho JSC, where he has been working since 1997.

“The main potential of a public association is related to the word COOPERATION. I see the task of the public union in uniting the efforts of electricity market participants to improve the industry based on long-term goals and a win-win philosophy. In the context of a pandemic, reduced electricity consumption, a tangled tangle of energy problems, a public association can promote the exchange of positive experiences and practical recommendations for successfully overcoming the crisis. “

Igor Sudak

Our team

Oleksandr Visir

CEO of Public Association SMART GRIDS OF UKRAINE (SGU)

Natalia Harina

Administrative Manager